AL ARABA GROUP was founded in 1980 and originally specialized in contracting, vehicle sales and vehicles customization. Over the past 25 year’s we have produced custom made vehicles of very unique design and gained experience in all types of vehicles including armored vehicles, vehicles for special. As a result of the continued success , new branches were created inside and outside the Kingdom in the Eastern Region, Najran and the United Arabic Emirates State (Dubai). usage, handicapped vehicles, electrical vehicles as well as buses and caravans.

The Group is comprised of :

  • Sadden Establishment for safety Buildings and Security System.
  • AL-TADREA Armored vehicles Factory.
  • Al-TADREA Vehicles Customization& conversion Factory.
  • AL-Araba Car showrooms.
  • AL-Araba Advanced Maintenance Centers.
  • AL-Araba Vehicles Accessories

chairman Eng. Fawzy Bin Ayoub Sabri.
Owner / CEO.

B.Sc. Architectural from King Saud University.
Member of Saudi Engineers Council.